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Bar Mitzvah Set Nusach Ashkenaz Tefillin, White Kippah and Tefillin Bag

An embroidered black cloth bag, white kippah and Nusach Ashkenaz script, this hide leather Tefillin set follows the Ashekenazi Jewish tradition. The black Tefillin boxes are decorated with a hand-painted golden swirling frame around the writing ‘Tefillin shel Rosh’ and ‘Tefillin shel Yad’. The black Tefillin bag is embroidered in white strings in a beautiful geometric pattern, complementing the white kippah in this set.

In Judaism, one who comes of age begins wearing Tefillin, meaning after the Bar Mitzvah. We perform this commandment by placing black boxes and straps on our arms and on our heads. When doning a tefillin, one must recite the Shema prayer, also inscribed on a Kosher parchment placed inside each tefillin box. Tefillin are worn during prayer services during the week. They are not worn during Shabbat or days in which work is forbidden, specifically Jewish holidays.

In terms of the wearing of Tefillin, the hand Tefillin are put on first. The box sits atop the bicep and the straps are wrapped around the arm seven times and around the hand. The head-Tefillin box sits above the forehead and the knot sits on the nape of the neck.

This set will be a magnificent Bar Mitzvah gift!

Please note that the Tefillin have been checked by a certified Rabbi to ensure they are Kosher.

Please note that when it asks to select left-handed, this is tefillin which will be wrapped on the right arm. And when it says right-handed, the tefillin should be wrapped on the left arm.

This set will be a wonderful Bar Mitzvah gift.

Material Piel
Dimensiones 7*15cm
Tiempo estimado de ejecución: 2-4 Días Laborales.
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Bar Mitzvah Set Nusach Ashkenaz Tefillin, White Kippah and Tefillin Bag

This set of Tefillin (phylacteries) is made from hide and comes with black straps, as well as scrolls with section of the Torah written on them inside the boxes.